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Low Libido in Men: Causes & Treatment

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Libido is called the force with which a man desires intimacy with a woman. This feeling occurs under the influence of the male hormone – testosterone, it affects the reproductive function. Therefore, a decrease in libido in men can signal the development of erectile dysfunction.


The attraction to the opposite sex is inherent in people by nature. Thanks to this, procreation is ensured. Two factors affect male libido:

• physiological. This factor is determined by the amount of male hormone. Sex drive arises as a result of the action of testosterone on the body, with a deficiency of this hormone, libido drops and potency decreases

• psychological. Libido depends on the innate temperament of a man, as well as on his emotional mood at the moment. Libido can be negatively affected by stress, overwork and conflict situations. A healthy man should have a sexual attraction to a woman, feel it and realize it. But this state of the body is easily exposed to negative factors, therefore, a decrease in libido in a young man in recent years is increasingly common.


Various sexual disorders, including decreased desire, often arise as a result of chronic diseases. Diseases take energy, lower tone and negatively affect a man’s sexual desire. In addition, a sharp decrease in libido causes may have the following:

  • Mental disorders, depression, neurosis and post-traumatic conditions, etc.
  • Overwork, both physical and mental;
  • Taking certain medications, such as antidepressants;
  • Alcohol or drug abuse;
  • Genital injuries;
  • Prolonged abstinence and irregular sexual activity;
  • Age.

Sexual desire can also be affected by the emotional mood of a man at the moment, which is formed under the influence of weather, the environment and other factors. But talking about a serious problem is necessary if there is no longing for an intimate relationship.

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How to increase libido

To increase a man’s sexual desire, first of all, you will need to figure out what are the reasons for the decrease in libido. Only a specialist based on the results of the examination can do this. There are several ways to increase libido:

• drug treatment is aimed at eliminating diseases that led to a decrease in libido. As you recover, your sexual desire will increase again. Hormone therapy allows you to normalize testosterone levels that affect libido. The doctor may also prescribe vitamins, herbal remedies and stimulants;

• psychotherapeutic methods will correct mental disorders if the causes of decreased libido in men are psychogenic;

• psychorelaxative methods are used for neurosis, excessive fatigue, sleep disorders;

A contrast shower or therapeutic massage will help to increase libido. You need to sign up for a consultation with a specialist immediately after disturbing symptoms have been noticed.

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Medications for low libido in men

In some cases, it is possible to increase libido with the help of special preparations, with preference being given to products containing natural ingredients. One such medicine is Hammer of Thor. The composition of the product contains only natural ingredients, for example, ginseng root extracts. The drug not only increases libido, but also heals the body as a whole, improving the activity of the cardiovascular system and normalizing blood pressure.

Already in the first month of taking Hammer of Thor supplement, a man’s sexual desire increases significantly, endurance increases during intercourse.

You can Hammer of Thor Malaysia on the official website. Thanks to the use of this drug, a man will be able to get rid of many intimate problems and increase the degree of satisfaction with life in general.

Tips & Tricks

There are general tips and tricks that will help increase libido for both men and women:

  1. Start eating right so that the body receives all the necessary substances.
  2. Do not eat smoked, fried, or other junk food.
  3. Allow at least 30 minutes a day to take a walk in the fresh air.
  4. Eat foods that increase sexual desire. For example, honey, chocolate, nuts, oysters.
  5. Get rid of bad habits.
  6. Rest and get enough sleep.
  7. Try not to get into stressful situations.
  8. Do not spend much time on the computer and TV.
  9. Allow at least 30 minutes a day to take a walk in the fresh air.
  10. Start playing sports.
  11. Deal with old things, eliminate the main irritants, do what you enjoy.
  12. Work on your attitude to sex.

Trying to treat sexual disorders on your own is not worth it, but you can try to change your lifestyle and diet. Often, the causes of decreased libido and potency should be sought in a sedentary lifestyle, abuse of fatty foods. All this leads to obesity and loss of desire to have sex.


healthy sexual life

To maintain libido in good condition, it is not necessary to consult a doctor or take expensive medications. Sexual health will be normal if you adhere to these rules every day:

  1. The diet should include vegetables, meat, seafood, nuts and spices that increase the level of testosterone in the body.
  2. It is advisable to minimize the use of alcohol-containing drinks, especially beer. It contains a substance that suppresses sexual desire in men.
  3. A night’s sleep should last at least 8 hours.
  4. Walk more outdoors, especially on sunny days.
  5. Walking barefoot can stimulate the nerve endings on the feet, which are responsible for enhancing libido. By leading an active lifestyle, you can prevent the development of many diseases in which the reasons for the decrease in libido of a man lie. As a result, physical, psycho-emotional and sexual health will be preserved for many years.

Causes of Low Libido

Consider the common causes that affect sexual desire:

Stress. When the body is in this state, it produces cortisol and adrenaline. If a person is in chronic stress, then this negatively affects the level of hormones in the body, as a result of which libido is reduced. Due to stress, the arteries begin to narrow, so blood circulation is limited, and this can lead to erectile dysfunction. Due to tension, sexual arousal decreases, because a person is distracted by extraneous thoughts.

Depression. Because of it, the chemical composition of the body changes, so a decrease in libido is observed. If a person is in such a state, then it is difficult for him to feel sexy. In addition, libido-lowering pills are used to treat depression.

Self-esteem problems. If a person has low self-conceit, then he is unlikely to feel comfortable during intimacy. Most likely, he simply will not want to have sex, as he considers himself unattractive. In addition, he is afraid to be rejected.

Bad habits. If a glass of wine drunk before intimacy helps you relax, then excessive drinking will negatively affect sexual arousal. This is due to the fact that alcohol disrupts the immune system, and also leads to fatigue. It also negatively affects the libido of marijuana, which suppresses the function of the pituitary gland, which is responsible for the production of testosterone.

Bad sleeping. Nowadays it is very difficult to sleep as much as the body needs to restore strength. If a person does not get enough sleep, then his cortisol level rises, so a decrease in libido can be observed. It is necessary to get enough sleep so that there are no problems of a sexual nature.

Libido-lowering drugs. These include funds that are used to remove a person from depression. Because of them, the blood pressure level rises in the body, as well as other phenomena that affect sexual desire are activated, therefore, sexual dysfunction can be observed.

Erectile dysfunction is an emotional reaction of the body that can occur due to stress. Because of this, a person loses self-confidence, becomes anxious, and he loses the desire to have sex, because he is afraid that this will happen again.

Hormone problems. Typically, libido depends on testosterone levels. If its content in the body is low, then the attraction is correspondently low. This condition can be caused by inflammation, trauma or swelling of the testicles, pituitary diseases, and cirrhosis of the liver.

General health. If a person has systematic diseases, then this negatively affects the level of testosterone in the body and sperm production. Such diseases include cancer or kidney disease. In this case, the body goes into survival mode, so it does not pay attention to factors that are not related to it, including the production of testosterone and sperm. Even lower testosterone levels may indicate other diseases, such as HIV, diabetes, or kidney failure.

A crisis in a relationship. If quarrels constantly occur between lovers, they begin to move away from each other, and their intimate relationships deteriorate. Various conflicts, mutual resentment, understatement – all this is most often transferred to the bedroom.

Lack of time. If a person is very busy, then he may simply not have enough time, strength and energy for a sexual life. It is best to plan this so that a regular sexual relationship remains between the couple, because rare sex leads to a decrease in mutual interest.

Male signs

The main symptom of decreased libido in men, as in the case of women, is the lack of sexual desire. In some representatives of the stronger sex, it can occur very rarely or periodically, but there are those who do not feel arousal at all during sex with a partner.

It can also be affected by psychological discomfort associated with sexual life. There are cases when a man has an aversion to sex. In this case, he also has no need for him, so he is not even interested in how to increase his libido.

What to do?

If a person has signs of reduced sexual desire, then he needs to consult with a sexologist, as well as undergo a complete hormonal examination. In this case, the level of testosterone is necessarily determined. In addition, the level of globulins and prolactin that bind free testosterone is checked.

The effectiveness and duration of treatment depends on the reason why the person has decreased libido, as well as on how the patient will follow the treatment regimen, which in this case is selected individually.

The individuality of the treatment of the problem is due to the fact that sexual desire can be compared with appetite. After all, it depends not only on how well the food was prepared, but also on the taste preferences of each person. In other words, the loss of sexual desire may occur due to the fact that a person had too high expectations of intimacy. Or, conversely, the wait was too long. In this case, therapy will be aimed at normalizing the expectation.

There is a whole arsenal of methods to restore lost libido. Before starting treatment, it is advisable to undergo an examination in order to assess the state of activity of all organs, and then proceed to conduct health-improving measures.

how to increase sex drive

Male libido reduction can be treated using the following methods:

Normalization of impaired metabolism. First of all, it is necessary to restore the thyroid gland, which is responsible for the activity of the whole organism, and increase the production of testosterone (if necessary).

The inclusion in the diet of foods rich in proteins and vitamins for potency, and minimizing the consumption of fast food and foods containing soy and chemical additives.

Treatment of chronic diseases accompanied by pain and adversely affecting male libido. It is especially important to pay attention to possible urological ailments. Diseases such as prostatitis or hemorrhoids can significantly reduce sex drive and even lead to impotence over time.

Taking antidepressants. The use of these drugs is possible only as directed by a psychiatrist.

Consultations or regular sessions with a psychotherapist or psychologist. The specialist will help to identify the origins of the problem, indicate the most likely ways to solve it. After eliminating the consequences of psychological trauma, sexual desire in most cases is restored very quickly.

Quitting smoking, minimizing alcohol consumption. Nicotine and alcohol worsen the blood supply to the genitals and have a detrimental effect on the whole body, causing a persistent decrease in libido over time. After returning to a healthy lifestyle, sexual desire is restored within a few months.

Regular physical activity. Especially useful for men is light running or regular walking, as this eliminates blood stasis in the pelvic region, increases muscle tone, saturates the body with oxygen and improves mood. Men who want to solve problems in the intimate sphere, it is advisable to refuse to use the car and public transport and walk at least several kilometers on foot during the day.

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