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Three types of fats in the human body – how to deal with them

In the body of an adult, there are three types of fats that differ in their functions. So, visceral and subcutaneous fat are not the same thing at all. So the methods of getting rid of fat will be different.

When we say – “you need to get in shape”, then, as a rule, we have in mind two processes – muscle tone and getting rid of fat. Now I want to touch on the topic of the second. I already wrote in detail about how to train to get rid of fat, and now I want to pay attention to the fact that the fat in our body can be different. That is why in some places we manage to “lose weight” faster, and in others (they are often called places of accumulation of problematic fat – for example, fat on the hips of girls) this process is very slow and requires a lot of effort.

So, there are three types of fats in the body:

  • visceral (internal) fat;
  • subcutaneous fat;
  • sex fat;
  • Visceral (internal) fat.

This is the fat that accumulates around the internal organs. And since they are all located inside the abdominal cavity, it is also called abdominal. This type of fat is the most dangerous, because it can become one of the causes of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. He gives the shape of an apple. If you can’t drag in your stomach, then you have a lot of visceral fat. The only consolation is that it is quite mobile and, accordingly, getting rid of it is easier than other types of fats. In the fight against internal fat, cardio loading is effective. As a rule, people who start, for example, jumping rope, get rid of visceral fat. With a reduction in the percentage of visceral fat, health is significantly improved.

types of fat

Subcutaneous fat

From the name it becomes clear that this is fat, which is located directly under the skin. All the “folds” that can be found on the body are subcutaneous fat. From a medical point of view, this fat is completely harmless to the body and creates only a cosmetic problem. In fact, this is the energy reserve of the body. Such fat, unlike visceral, is much less mobile and more difficult to deal with. In this case, only cardio loads will not be enough and it is necessary to connect the correction of the diet, which involves a significant reduction in fat and fast carbohydrates.

Gender Fat

Such fat is located around the abdomen and back in men, and in the lower abdomen and on the hips in women. These are the so-called “problem areas”. The fat in them is stored by the body for use only in the most extreme case. That is why it is so difficult to get rid of it. In the strategy of getting rid of such fat, an integrated approach of combining proper nutrition and training is also needed. But you need to understand that the body will begin to use fat, determined by gender as an energy source, only when it gets rid of the bulk of excess subcutaneous fat (I wrote more about the mechanisms of energy use here).

Based on this information, it becomes clear why we quickly “lose weight” in some places and slowly in others. However, the amount of any fat can be corrected.

But, unfortunately, you cannot get rid of fat once and for all. Our body contains a huge amount of fat cells, which are able to greatly stretch in size. Accordingly, when you lose weight, fat cells do not disappear, but simply compress very strongly. And as soon as you begin to receive with food more than the required standard for kilocalories, they will again begin to increase in volume.

Local weight loss: true or myth?

When we ask the question: “how to remove fat from the abdomen” or “how to lose weight in the hips”, we are talking about local fat burning. We all want to lose weight in a particular place, but can this be achieved?

Many of us reason like this: “If I have a lot of” excess “in the abdomen, then you need to perform as many exercises on the press as possible to get rid of this” excess “.” Do you recognize yourself? 🙂 And what is our surprise when after such measures we do not see the desired effect. And often the situation only worsens – after such a “bombardment” of exercises, the abdomen becomes even larger, because the trained muscle increases in volume, and the subcutaneous fat located above it does not decrease.

Nutrivix Review: Is It Safe?

Nutrivix is ​​an innovative development of nutritionists. A complex of biologically active components that break down fat and remove toxins and excess fluid from the body.

Nutrivix is ​​suitable for those who:

  1. Does not have enough time to visit the gym.
  2. Not ready to radically change their eating habits.
  3. Not achieved success in losing weight by classical methods.

The main Nutrivix ingredients are green tea extract, artichoke, hay and birch extract.

Nutrivix is ​​contraindicated in the following cases:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you suffer from kidney disease.

Despite the fact that Nutrivix is ​​safe and natural, we advise you to consult a specialist before using the drug.

How to eat to lose fat

If you want to lose weight, you need to completely reconsider the approach to nutrition. In order to maintain a high level of fat burning, it is necessary not only to count calories and the ratio of BJU, but also take into account many other factors.

Fat burning is a set of measures aimed at getting rid of subcutaneous and visceral fat

Fat that accumulates around the internal organs of the abdominal cavity and the walls of blood vessels. Its excess can lead to diabetes, varicose veins, cardiovascular and even oncological diseases.

There are two main elements to a fat loss strategy – nutrition and exercise.

Basic nutritional rules for fat burning:

In a fat burning program, a well-designed nutrition plan is the most important element. You can spend as much time as you like on an exercise bike, do weights, but if the food is not adjusted to your goals, if the ratio of the BJU is not correct, then you may not see the result.

Meals should be frequent and fractional

You need to eat every 3-3.5 hours in small portions of about 300-350 grams. That is, the number of meals per day should be 5-6 times. This is necessary in order to “disperse” the metabolism and always keep it at a high level. At first, many say that they will not be able to, that it is difficult, uncomfortable, too much, after all. Practice shows that after a week of such a nutritional schedule, the body fully adapts and requires eating every three hours.

The complete exclusion of all kinds of food waste from the category of chips, mayonnaise, all semi-finished products.

You also need to exclude all sweet, flour and too fatty foods.

You can say that nothing bad will happen from one candy. From one not, but few of us can limit ourselves to one candy per day. If you can, congratulations. But in the process of fat burning, an integrated approach is important. Therefore, if you really want to see the result, you need to choose to exclude these products from your diet.

High protein foods

This need is dictated by two needs. Firstly, during training aimed at burning fat and reducing calorie intake, you must not allow the body to lose weight at the expense of the muscles, so you need to get a lot of protein from foods so that the muscles can recover. Secondly, protein-rich foods require a lot of energy to be absorbed. Subject to the regimen aimed at fat burning, I recommend eating about 1.5 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight.

healthy diet

Fat cannot be completely excluded from the diet.

Fats are vital for the body, so you do not need to try to completely eliminate them – this can cause irreparable harm to health. But fats are different (more about types of fats and their meaning can be read here). Healthy fats are omega-3 and omega-6. They are found in fish, for example, in salmon, vegetable oils, nuts, various seeds, and in avocados. Such fats are necessary. Moreover, they are indispensable for fat burning. But even the useful must be limited. From fats, you need to get 20-25% kcal. 50-60 g of healthy fats per day will be quite enough, but you should not fall below 50 g.

You must ensure that the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is correct. Above, I indicated the approximate values ​​of the intake of these nutrients. It is important that you control all of them at once, because it is their ratio that is the key point in the nutrition program.

Calorie Count

I believe that the calorie content of foods is not the first factor in diet planning. As I wrote above – the main ratio of the BJU. But you should not forget about the norm of daily calorie content, because even eating only healthy foods you can recover if you eat them in excess. Therefore, you need to try to adhere to a certain daily calorie content. How to calculate approximately these numbers, I wrote in detail in the article “Norm of kilocalories.”

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